Thursday, August 18, 2011

Foto Hot Novita | Pemeran Mama si Abdel dan Temon

Foto Hot Novita | Pemeran Mama si Abdel dan Temon

For those of you who frequently watches soap operas starring Superstar Temon Abdel and certainly do not forget to also remember the moms whose real name is Abdel Novita.

Abdel Mama who have sexy bodies often a warm conversation in various internet forums. Usually whenever there is a topic that coupled with the existence of photographs of sexy mama aka Abdel Novita's always a matter of concern people in the relevant forums.

for those of you who also pengemar or are looking for photographs Mama aka Abdel Novita, then the following will be shown pictures Sexy Mama Abdel you might be looking for at this time.

Sexiness of the body combined with a very sensual face make Novita Photo Mama Abdel many are looking for. Mama Abdel Abdel Temon in sitcom superstar does not further highlight its role as a mother of Abdel Si, but a plump woman who would have thought this would be a magnet in the Sinetron.

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