Monday, July 11, 2011

Video Hot Kembali Beredar di Masyarakat Bogor

Video Hot Kembali Beredar di Masyarakat Bogor

Hot video duration was 5 minutes 48 seconds circulating in the community Bogor, West Java. No half-hearted, hot actors in the video scene that made ​​one man and three women at once.

Video nasty titled 'Child% 20 New Bogor' in 3gp format, circulating widely in the community through the facilities of sophisticated mobile phone bloetooth.

Provisional estimates, the video is done in a hotel room located in Bogor. The four perpetrators estimated age of 20 years. in the video sounds he spoke with the name of three women who became his date.

Related to the circulation of the video, Bogor Police is currently undertaking an investigation. "I will investigate who the perpetrators in the hot video to find out the motive behind the distribution of the videos," said District Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bogor Hery Santoso told reporters.

In addition, the investigation was conducted to determine the location of hot scenes in the video was made. According to information obtained, the video recording was done at a place in the area of ​​Bogor Regency. "Judging from the footage it looks like at the villa or hotel, we will investigate it," he explained.

Hery said, even if the video is a personal documentation, the police will continue to explore the motives behind the deployment of a video nasty. Is the video was deliberately propagated by the perpetrator or other parties outside of the people in the video.

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