Friday, July 8, 2011

Pernikahan Irfan Bachdim dan Jennifer Kurniawan

Pernikahan Irfan Bachdim dan Jennifer Kurniawan

After being a mystery, end date and place of marriage partner and Jennifer Irfan Kurniawan unfold. Both were married in the Netherlands, today, July 8, 2011 local time. This is justified by Jennifer management, Erick.

"They already love to know they are getting married today by telephone and fuel. They're happy there. July 8, today, married in Holland in Irfan's parents' house," said Erick encountered in the Area Kemang, Jakarta, Friday, July 8, 2011 .

According to Erick, both Irfan and Jennifer did not want publicized marriage. However, there is a chance both will hold a reception in Indonesia.

"The question of the date, wait for Jennifer's return to Indonesia," he said. Asked about the religious differences between Irfan and Jennifer, Erick said, it was they were talking about. "Had our discussions with both of them to get married in Indonesia. Because of the limitations, they decided to marry outside," says Erick.

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