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Interesting Facts about Agnes Monica

Interesting Facts about Agnes Monica

At the age of even a quarter of a century or 25 years old today (Friday, 1 / 7), Agnes Monica already had a long record in the history of his career. The former singer who made her debut as a child is able to prove themselves could still exist for decades.

The influence he brought also quite large. Many who loved him, though not separated from the counter and a sense of doubt about his ability. But, enough evidence that Agnes is able and he dared to realize all his dreams with the firm.

Interesting Facts about Agnetha as packed the following:

According to Bens Leo, Agnes is the only female singer who is fit to be a diva and successor Anggun C Sasmi. Agnes is considered able to sell the CD as much as 1 million copies in a short time, collaborated with musicians of the world, to conceptualize their own music videos.

Agnes was the only Indonesian artist who had been a presenter and a chance to sing on the Red Carpet American Music Awards in 2010.

When in America, Agnes was distraught to find spicy sauce. He was so nervous and weak, and consequently he was willing to take a trip far away to look for it. Until he finally found a fairly spicy sauce in one place in America, which makes re-fresh and full of vitality.

Twitter @ agnezmo's Agnes is the only account that has a celebrity Indonesia Verified Account with the amount of more than 900 thousand followers.

Agnes was appointed as Ambassador by the Anti-Drug Enforcement Administration and IDEC Far East Region. Agnes Selection is based on the basis of a healthy lifestyle and considerable achievements. As Ambassador Antiviral Drugs, Agnes had to go to 18 Asian countries to support international anti-drug campaign, including Nepal, South Korea, China, India, and Australia.

Agnes finished her junior-high school for four years only. After that he entered the University of Pelita Harapan and majored in Law.

Besides the music business, Agnes other hobbies are reading, dancing, acting, writing and various sports such as ice skating, piano, and badminton.

Recognized Agnes, all of his music influenced musicians in the world, among others, Aretha, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Fantasia and Beyonce.

During the years 2004-2011 was recorded Agnes had won about 30 awards in the field of music. Years 1999-2011 there were 11 awards in acting. And for other awards, including from a variety of media, there are 19 awards beginning in 2002 until 2011.

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