Friday, July 8, 2011

Foto Sexy Cherry Belle - ChiBi Indonesia Girlband

Foto Sexy Cherry Belle - ChiBi Indonesia Girlband

What if 9 gorgeous girls, sweet, cute, clever and good at singing dsncing collected in a group / Girlband? Singing and dancing along with an adorable style.

Will surely be something awesome and amazing. That CHERRYBELLE A.K.A Chibi. Which means Sweet and Cherry Belle means beautiful, while Chibi means small and cute .. CHERRYBELLE name is very fitting description for the nine girls who formed from the audition phase 3 is where they managed to set aside hundreds of girls to become CHERRYBELLE other woods. They Cherly, Angel, Wenda, Ryn, Christy, Felly, Devi, Dental and Anisa.

In this debut CHERRY BELLE present in Indonesia music scene with a musical style that may already be familiar in the ear of the audience of K-Pop.

Although it started popping up a lot Girlband are similar, but CHERRYBELLE have something worthy to be appreciated more . In addition to young age that allows them to move more energetic style of dance that was more powerful jamming and varied and strong vocal character makes CHERRYBELLE Girlband are expected to become a Indonesia will inspire many young people.

CHERRYBELLE first appearance begins with the release of their first single, entitled DILEMMA. Sweet midtempo pop songs created by Septembrianto Chess is about the feelings of a girl against a guy who turned out his best friend's boyfriend . and he finally chose to forget about him rather than hurt her friend.

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