Monday, July 11, 2011

Foto Navy Rizki Tanavia | bintang air terjun pengantin

Foto Navy Rizki Tanavia | bintang air terjun pengantin

Navy Rizki Tavania Names becoming known since she starred in films made ​​by director Rizal Mantovani, titled 'Bridal Falls' along with Tamara Bleszynski and Tyas Mirasih. Rizki Tavania Navy was born in Jakarta, dated January 21, 1993. He was still very young and he started his career from the world model. Now the Navy also starred in the film 'The meaning of Friends' which airs every day on Indosiar, serves as a high school student Jasmine.

Navy has a hobby in photography and is due to join the Navy because of the extra-curricular activities in school photography. Rizki Tavania Navy is currently still a student in high school TRIGUNA Jakarta. Habit that often sleep in class, he was often scolded by his teacher makes.

Navy also love karaoke and his favorite singer is Beyonce. Speaking of man's dream, Rizki Tavania Navy seems to have a special type for selecting a partner. And apparently the kind of guy's dream Rizki Tavania Navy is a white guy, smart, and fierce. He said that more care fierce man with his partner for fear anything happened to her partner.

Here is a profile of the Navy Rizki Tavania:
Full Name: Navy Rizkitavania
Popular Name: Navy Rizkita
Place and Date of Birth: Jakarta, January 21, 1993
Height / Weight: 162 cm/42 kg
School: High School TRIGUNA Jakarta
Achievements: Champion II Esmod Fest

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