Sunday, July 10, 2011

Foto Hot Larissa Riquelme | Kekasih Piala Dunia

Foto Hot Larissa Riquelme | Kekasih Piala Dunia

Fans Paraguay national team is guaranteed to demand more strongly to their players to become champion of the Copa America 2011, for the beautiful model Larissa Riquelme returned to spread the promise of heat.

Just like in the 2010 World Cup, plump models are Sunday (03 / 7) yesterday vowed to return to his country posing hot if it managed to become the team lift the Cup Final of this tournament.

Beautiful model is indeed adopted the name since the 2010 World Cup South Africa yesterday, although in the end he did not pose hot nonetheless soared in popularity thanks to the sensation that he was stocking it.

Even in his country he has dubbed "Novia del Mundial", or when translated into Indonesian roughly means 'Love the World Cup', told AFP he went back to expose the tempting promise of it.

"If Paraguay won the Copa America so I would pose posing hot on the field," he said shortly before Paraguay played against Ecuador.

Larissa mobbed by fans when he was in the stadium, he was asked to sign a number of fans who flirted with her ​​sexuality, and asked his country's chances of answering brief "I think we are pretty good chances in the Copa this time.

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