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Julia Perez was born with the name Yuli Rachmawati in Jakarta, July 15, 1980. Stars who nicknamed this Jupe started his career by training as a secretary working in a private company and the opportunity to continue education in the Netherlands.

Mid-February 2009, Jupiter became the most sought-after artists on the internet because of his personal sexy photo circulating on the Internet. In the photos that circulated on the internet, Jupe sexy good looks to pose alone or with friends.

Related to domestic life with Damien, in the early 2009 began to falter. This is triggered by nearby Jupiter with Newcastle's Argentine footballer Gaston Castano. Even in early March 2009, it appears Jupe seemed intimate with perform with Gaston vacation at a beach.

Although the process of divorce with Damien completed, Jupe had dared to be outspoken with Gaston in public. Straightforwardly without them posing together in a photo shoot of a men's magazine published in Cape Berung capital, Ujung Kulon, dressed in beach clothes.

In early July 2009, Jupe and Damien agreed divorce process. But there are few problems since Jupe married in France. His marriage is not recognized by Indonesian law. Jupe and Damien have agreed to bear the cost of divorce together.

In early October 2009, Jupe admitted his relationship with his father, Angkasajaya worsened. It is characterized by solid Jupe reported the father to the police. Reporting was triggered because Angkasajaya alleged to have threatened to kill her Jupe and mama.

At the end of 2009, Jupe with Gaston went to Argentina. In addition to business school ball, Jupiter is also in order to meet the family of Gaston. Weddings are planned to be held with Gaston was still not see a way out, in the absence of the blessing of his mother Julia Perez. This issue is related to distrust in the ability of the mother Jupe Julia Gaston feed from his career as a footballer.

Towards the end of 2010, back problems befall Julia Perez. Precisely dated December 14, 2010, Jupe named as a suspect case of abuse against pedangdut Dewi Persik.

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