Monday, July 11, 2011

Foto Hot Dewi Perssik Di Film Pacar Hantu Perawan

Foto Hot Dewi Perssik Di Film Pacar Hantu Perawan

Way for a film that most know is the producer. It is a car berporomosi that movie audiences are discussed. One of them spread through photographs of scenes in the film to the forums.

I wonder who the initial spreader, which obviously is now circulating photographs of the visible hot Dewi Persik really taken from the latest movie, Ghost boyfriend Virgin. The photos were scattered in various internet forums.

In one photograph, visible chest Perssik goddess of invisibility behind the thin, wet cloth. In another photo, Depe to wear a bikini showing off her sexy body. Being in another photo, Depe wear clothes that show underwear dreamy.

Virgin own girlfriend movie Ghost which also featured star Vicky Vette hot and sexy model Misa Campo, the plan yesterday aired July 7. But, because time is too close to the fasting month, as the producer KK Dheraaj delay so after Lebaran.

While waiting for the month of fasting, apparently sineasnya wanted the film remains in the public mind through the deployment of these exciting pictures.

Then, what you are tempted to watch, after watching these photos? information just like the previous film sensors will remove a lot of hot scenes in movies that are considered out of line. For example, the film starring Spirits Goyang Karawang Depe and Julia Perez. What the media obtained from photographs of scenes in the film did not fit with the movie. There are photographs of scenes in filnya himself did not appear on the screen because of censorship. It is quite possible the same thing happens on the film Ghosts Virgin girlfriend.

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