Monday, July 11, 2011

Foto Hot Claudia Cintiya Bella Dugem

Foto Hot Claudia Cintiya Bella Dugem

Bella Chyntia Laudya name began to be known by the public, when he was with two companions, Ardina Rasti and Anggia Hanafie Yulia, playing in the movie Virgin. This film is not the first gait Bella, so she called, in the acting world. Previously, pink and white enthusiasts already been played in some story, like I am Arjuna and Puberty.

Bella career in the entertainment world, began when he followed the selection of the model held by a teen magazine. He won as Champion Model II My friends 2002. For the sake of developing his career, Bella decided to move to Jakarta from his hometown, Bandung. "After how dong, if the school remained at SMU 21 Bandung difficult to develop a career. Want to go back and forth Bandung-Jakarta scared out of time on the road. After I thought about it there must be an relented when you have this. Finally I wrote to change schools, "said harapan Ibu High School alumnus, Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

In the midst of busy life soap opera playing at this time, the youngest of three brothers is also busy with the group No Ordinary Stars / BBB. He and four other teen stars, namely Dimas Beck, Raffi Ahmad, Chelsea Olivia and Ayushita, was invited by singer songwriter, Joey Ayala, to work on his new project.

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