Saturday, July 9, 2011

Foto Hot Artika Maharani Finalis FHM GND 2011

Foto Hot Artika Maharani Finalis FHM GND 2011

Artika Maharani is one model that has a sexy body. Artika Maharani is a model of FHM 2011. In appearance this time Maharani Storm uses a red bikini outfit look beautiful and attractive.

In this photo the image is also seen her in her sexy red lingerie in a room which further adds to the impression of sexy.

while the sexy aura is also visible in the photo while playing pool, wrapped in red and short skirt in a pool area.

Tika vocation. This sexy girl is very nice to talk to. His smile was teasing. Even he likes to dibelai.Tika not mind in the photo section contains the origin of art.

Artika Maharani women born in East Java, Gresik 22 Years ago this was the finalist of FHM Girl Next Dor Indonesia in 2011. Disebuah forum in cyberspace in favored as the candidate who beat 10 other finalists him.

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