Monday, July 11, 2011

Foto Hot Andi Soraya | Sexy Lingerie in July 2011 Edition

Foto Hot Andi Soraya | Sexy Lingerie in July 2011 Edition

Andi Soraya began his career in the entertainment world as a model and start reaching the world through the soap opera role Senia Last Tear that never aired on RCTI. Also artist-Bugis bloody Cirebon is also known as the star of several advertising products such as: Prenagen, B-29, Vegeta, Bank Mandiri and Hit. In 2008, Andi penetrated the big screen by starring in the comedy Hot, You Satisfied, I lackluster (2008). In August 2008, Andy returned to the big screen by starring in a movie with suspense mystery genre, "Ghost Abortion", and he starred in the movie ghost Ferly punncak coming months with a son who is close to Andi.Selain penah rumored that he also played with Ferly son in the film social gathering that brings two artist popped out.

Brenda was married to Ahmad Kurnia Wibawa. But their marriage ended in divorce in November 2001. Andi asked for a divorce because her husband was not like Andi career in the entertainment world. From his first marriage, Brenda gave birth to a son, Shawn Adrian Khilafat. After the divorce, Brenda sitcom actress in a relationship with Steve Emmanuel. They lived together without marriage to bear a son, Darren Sterling Emmanuel. Andi refuses to marry because it is still traumatized by a previous marriage.

Andi had to deal with the law, because it is associated allegedly throwing a glass at the wife of a businessman, Vishnu Wanto. On October 9, 2008, Andy was sentenced to criminal punishment for 3 months. Andi who had feuded with this artist Dewi Persik, again at odds with other Indonesian artists. This time Andi at odds with the model as well as a sitcom actress, Catherine Wilson. Events that occurred in February 2009 and even brought in a report to the police.

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