Saturday, July 9, 2011

Foto Hot Alexia Rodriguez

Foto Hot Alexia Rodriguez

Eyes Set to Kill (also abbreviated ESTK) is an American post-hardcore band from Tempe, Arizona. Sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, along with former vocalist Lindsey Vogt started the band in 2004. Lindsey Vogt departed the band in mid-2007 due to issues with management. Lindsey would go on to form a solo project known as "The Taro Sound", and eventually formed the band "The Attraction." After Lindsey's departure, Alexia assumed her position as lead vocalist as well as guitarist.

The World Outside received widespread critical acclaim and the group was featured on the cover of USA Today, as one of Alternative Press Magazine's "100 Bands You Need To Know", and hosted an episode of MTV's Headbangers Ball.[2] Broken Frames was ranked fifth on the list of "Locals Only: The Best Albums and EPs in 2010".

The band's name was derived from a line out of a poem Alexia wrote in high school. Eyes Set to Kill began in 2004 as a three-piece band from Tempe, Arizona. Alexia Rodriguez (lead guitar, vocals), Anissa Rodriguez (bass guitar), and Lindsey Vogt (lead vocals), searched the local area for musicians to join their band. Despite sharing the stage with several signed and unsigned artists, including Chiodos, Blessthefall, Goodbye Tomorrow, My American Heart, and Greeley Estates, the initial combination they found was only temporary, and over the next several months, the band continued to undergo changes in their musical lineup. In early 2006, three men joined the line-up of Eyes Set to Kill, those men being Alex Torres (guitar), Brandon Anderson (vocals), and Brett Litzler (drums). The band worked for Eyes Set to Kill to be active after losing half of their members, and went on to record an EP in 2006 with Arizona's Larry Elyea and his studio, Minds Eye Digital.

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