Monday, July 11, 2011

Foto Dewi Perssik Mandi

Foto Dewi Perssik Mandi

Recently, circulating photographs Dewi Perssik Breast Umbar which he said was taken at one scene in new movie Depe namely 'girlfriend Ghosts Virgin'.

not the first time, exciting pictures of ex wife Saipul Jamil was circulating in cyberspace. Previously, images of sexy had already graced the internet. At that time, the Goddess of women admitted if it is her posing topless.

The photo shows former wife while diving Saipul Jamil was wearing a shower scene with a thin white cloth. When the cloth wrapped around his body was wet with water, the chest was seen goddess Peaches.

In another photo, the appearance Depe also looks equally sexy. He looks so dreamy shirt bras and panties look.

The film will indeed reap many sensations. Previously women from Jember, East Java, was rumored to perform surgery virginity for the sake of his role in the film.

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