Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Foto Artis Seksi Desi Novitasari | Suami2 Takut Istri

Foto Artis Seksi Desi Novitasari | Suami2 Takut Istri

For connoisseurs of the male soap opera "SUAMI SUAMI TAKUT ISTRI" must know someone who used to be called aunt Pretty. pesinetron whose names are publicly known through the soap opera was born in Jakarta on December 8, 1984.

In the soap opera, played women who had another nickname ECI is often invited the eyes of the men because in addition to beautiful face every episdenya ECI always dressed sexy men who are always seduced the audience.

In such sintron Pretty role as a widow who lives in a residential neighborhood in a city. widows who carried the image and facial beauty invites the residents of the housing complex he is always looking for attention and tease him. Desi Novitasari eventually became a common enemy for the wives dikomplek housing.

If you are the men who are interested in the beauty of its Desi please watch soap operas on the television station TV TRANS.

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