Sunday, July 10, 2011

Foto Aksi Protes dengan berciuman di Cile

Foto Aksi Protes dengan berciuman di Cile

Protests and demonstrations took place not merely violent. A protest against the education policy in Chile took place unique.

Two thousand students took to the streets of the capital of Chile, Santiago, Chile to protest the president Sebastian Pinera who considered detrimental to the education on July 7, 2011 last. While carrying a variety of posters, the protesters with a couple kissing each other on a demo called 'party kissing'.

As quoted from the BBC, the protest was intended to avoid violence against the demonstrators are often set by government.

"This country has seen us do all sorts of ways. This is one of the most amusing," said dental students, Ignacio Marchant.

Students who are not satisfied, the plan continues to oppose. They will hold 'national strike' on 14 July.

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