Monday, July 11, 2011

Film Koreana in Bali Hot

Film Koreana in Bali Hot

After circulating the film "Cowboys In Paradise" which tells the local youth bali, now circulating the film "Koreana" which records a local woman with a tourist / foreign tourists. The film was made disebuah kuta beach hotel balcony sidelines.

20-minute film begins with the scenery more beautiful Kuta beach. The film appears in the security task force patrolling the coast of central Kuta. in this film also looks female alleged perpetrators in the film. Till now not known who the woman in the film said his name was Cory.

while the film is assumed to be made in 2003. according to the security task force recognition of kuta beach they do not know the manufacture of the film.

mendampat film negative responses from residents of Bali because Bali is considered defamatory as a tourist island, art, culture and religion.

until now the police are still investigating about the release of the movie "Koreana" this.

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