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Biografy Nazril Irham | Ariel Peterpan

Biografy Nazril Irham | Ariel Peterpan

Nazril Irham or more popular with the call Ariel or Ariel (born in Pangkalan Brandan, Langkat, North Sumatera, 16 September 1981, age 29 years) is an Indonesian singer who is the lead singer of the band Peterpan. Ariel is the youngest of three brothers from ethnic Malays. Ariel is a vocalist of the popular music group Peterpan. Ariel is also listed as a student majoring in Architecture, University of Parahyangan, Bandung.

Ariel's father was a clerk in the field of oil company Pertamina. While his mother is housewife. Because the field work as an employee, the father worked at a location move. Living in Pangkalan Brandan several months, little Ariel and family should move to Langsa, a town that is in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. After living there for seven years, Ariel's family then moved to Bandung. A city that already considered to Ariel as a "home" of his own.

Since childhood, Ariel has shown great talent in art, but not in the field of singing. Artistic talent is evident from Ariel precisely in the field of drawing. He had won several drawing competitions in Bandung.

It's the hobby of drawing, Ariel sempet aspires to be an architect. But, in the middle of his life, he found a new hobby of interest, which is play music. From here Ariel later career.

Ariel was married to Sarah Amalia, but has now divorced. With Sarah, she was blessed with daughters named Alleia Anata. Ariel Sarah officially divorced on May 27, 2008.

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