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Hollywood actress Bai Ling was born, China October 10, 1986. Raised in China, but in 1991, Bai decided to move to America, to smooth his acting career in Hollywood.

Bai was born in a broken home, and Bai himself never experience life in a mental hospital due to her conviction that comes from the moon. But he refused declared insane.

After the mental hospital, Bai decided to take a theater, from where his acting talent is fostered. His acting debut on the big screen began in 1984 on the film ON THE BEACH, and then continued with the film Suspended SENTENCE, YUEYUE, Tears In Suzhou that passes without being able to attract public attention. His name became famous when starring in the ARC LIGHT in 1989, because of his role he was invited to the International Film Festival in Moscow.

After moving to America, he began playing in several films, like THE CROW, Nixon, RED CORNER, WILD WILD WEST, ANNA AND THE KING, Shaolin Soccer, TAXI 3, SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW and several other films.

Most recently, in 2009 she starred in the movie Crank: HIGH VOLTAGE, CHAIN ​​LETTER, A BEAUTIFUL LIFE, The Gauntlet, LAZARUS THE PAPERS, LOVE MAGIC MAN and Ranch.

Besides acting, Bai also began testing the world of drag votes. She is currently working on her debut album, and will be released in 2009.

In his personal life, he was once rumored to be in a relationship with personnel Backsteet Boys, Nick Carter, reportedly even this relationship has been formalized in an engagement. But this has been disproved Nick, who stated this relationship was limited to ordinary friendship.

Coincide on Valentine's Day 2009, he was arrested for getting caught stealing magazines and batteries at Los Angeles airport. But eventually released after paying a fine of U.S. $ 700.

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