Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amel Alviani FHM magazine's finalists Indonesia GND 2011

Amel Alviani FHM magazine's  finalists Indonesia GND 2011

Her lips were beautiful. His style is challenging. Though he was only 19 years. Nevertheless, the girl born in Jakarta can not be underestimated. As a model of a newcomer, Amelia's face was quite familiar.

He is one of the finalists FHM Girl Next Door 2011. Although not yet had a chance snatch the winner, but he was not discouraged.

His days were filled with activities photo session. Actually, her name owner is interested in long-Amel Alviani plunge into the world of acting. Only, that opportunity has not sided with him.

And about playing the character, not too difficult for him. Just look, hot poses behind her, in truth he is known for easy smile and friendly with anyone.

In the mix, he would not indiscriminately. Provided that good, definitely could be her friend.

Problem look sexy, she's not forbidden. Is not sexy is part of the beauty of a woman? That is why virgin owner of this sensual lips, smiling.

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