Thursday, June 9, 2011



Beautiful artist Kris Kristofferson seems really was in love with Raul Lemos. KD Raul tenderly kissed her lips in front of the press without awkward.

KD kiss to Raul came as held a press conference at Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (21/7/10). At that time, Raul little emotion when discussing the news himself in a tabloid entertainment.

Seeing the emotional reaction to Raul, even with a smile KD manjanya Raul pinched cheeks and lip kiss tenderly to Raul. Reporters and cameramen and photographers who attended the press conference was so shocked. They were asked to repeat the romantic scenes Raul tersebut.Tanpa direct KD embarrassed face Raul grabbed and kissed her lips tenderly.

Raul Regis Kissing Hot Photos - As ignoring Atha statement (the wife of Raul Lemos) that Regis is immoral woman, this time the ex-wife instead mengumbar Anang Hermansyah affection in front of the media, the KD Raul kissing. The couple currently Raul, and KD romantic couple indeed, even this time when both are desperate kiss press conference held by many journalists. Raul current status is still as the husband of Atha, although the religion they were divorced, but legally they are still bound by the legal relationship of husband and wife.

Kris Kristofferson himself admits that he fell in love with Raul Lemos because her eyes filled with tenderness. Politeness and gallantry possessed by Raul singer has been able to captivate the song "Counting the days" until he was divorced by Anang Hermansyah. Although many do not agree with Kris Kristofferson relationship Raul Lemos, but the Diva is still ahead as if he already feels as lively semati with the East Timorese businessmen. KD against Raul love is very strong indeed evident in KD Raul kiss scene when they conduct a news conference.

Finally, Regis said that he would retire from the music scene after she was married to Raul Lemos. New business will she tekuni after they married. Raul himself promised to meet all the needs of KD after they married. Interesting love story we wait KD Raul only on the blog this next artist news.

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